Flashing a BIOS:

A critical operation for advanced users only. It is described in detail with all due warnings and useful recommendations.

Installing a hard disk drive:

Everything you need to know to install, partition and format a hard drive (includes low-level format utilities)

Optimizing performance:

Wise advice aimed at recovering resources and speeding up your PC. Particularly recommended to owners of older PCs.

Installing a LAN:

Installing a LAN from scratch won't be a problem for you afer you've read this technical review.

Boosting modem speed:

Allows to squeeze the last ounce of speed off your modem. Many tips and tricks for beginners as well as experienced users.

Cracking a modem:

Describes how to gain full use off a modem when its access is restricted to one ISP.

Tip of the day:

Each day, the Knights of the Boot will provide you with a new powerful trick for Windows and your PC.

Quick tricks:

50+ Instant tips to enhance specific Windows features that can drastically change your life!

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